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How many colors can be printed on Marble or Travertine coasters, magnets or trivets?
The process used for printing is digital inkjet printing. Therefore almost any color can be printed including full color photos. The Setup Fee includes 4-color process imprinting on any item. Note: Our printing process does not print white ink. If white is included in your artwork, the section of the artwork that is white will be left void, allowing the background of the stone or box to show through.  Coasters, magnets and trivets can optionally be pre-sprayed with a white primer in order to increase vibrancy of colors and enhance any white that may appear in the artwork.
How many colors can be printed on Tumbled Slate and Afyon Grey Marble products?
The same digital printing process is used on all of our products. Our inks are oil-based and semi-transparent, allowing the background color of the printed surface to show through and affect the final imprint color. Both the Afyon Grey Marble and the Tumbled Slate are naturally darker stones (slate can be extremely varied in color). Therefore it is highly recommended that only darker color logos (black, dark blue, dark red) be used for these products. Full bleed artwork is not recommended for Slate or Afyon Grey Marble products.
Can you print or match Pantone Colors?
We do not use Pantone Inks for printing. We can use your Pantone reference as a guide for matching colors and will try our best to get as close as possible. However, it is impossible to guarantee an exact Pantone match using 4 color process (CMYK) printing.  Some Pantone inks cannot be matched, including neon and metallic colors.  You will not be charged for requesting a Pantone match.
Should I do a full bleed on Sandstone coasters?
It is NOT recommended to use full bleed artwork on the sandstone coasters for the simple reason that, while the sandstone is absorbent, our inks are not. Our durable, oil-based inks will significantly decrease the absorption rate of the coaster, therefore the more ink in your imprint, the less absorbent your coaster will be. For that reason, we strongly discourage full bleed artwork on sandstone.
How long before I will see a virtual proof of my order?
Virtual proofs will be provided within 2 business days after Purchase Order and Artwork files have been received.
How long for a Pre-Production Sample?
Please allow up to 10 business days for Pre-production samples.